AKM345 GEN3 OTIWTI™ Oil and Winding Temperature Indicator

Capillary Based Bellows System Thermometer
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The AKM345 GEN3 OTIWTITM is the future of oil and winding temperature indication for transformers of all classes from the industry leader. The AKM345 GEN3 utilizes the same great bellows technology as previous generations with new features to support the digitization of transformers and standard options to meet all specification requirements. The new and improved design makes for an even more reliable and robust product with IP66 ingress protection and C5-High corrosion protection as a standard. The bellows technology allows for integrated winding temperature simulation and the ability to drive up to 6 adjustable switches and various remote outputs for monitoring applications.


  • The original bellows technology temperature indicator with integrated winding temperature simulation
  • All new RS-485 Modbus digital communication option to allow more data to be easily integrated into monitoring systems
  • Dual analog output options for installations where local and remote monitoring is required
  • Up to 6 fully independent switches for control and alarming circuits
  • Optional adjustable switching differential to fine tune cooling operation
  • Standard switch rated for up to 15 Amps VAC and up to 10 Amp DC switches available for higher VDC loads (magnetic blow out, M.B.O.)
  • Various analog output types available — 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, Pt100
  • IP66 standard ingress protection
  • C5-High standard as per ISO 12944
  • Polar option for operation down to -60°C
  • Easy all-in-one winding temperature installation, no need for external equipment
  • Reliable and accurate technology proven over time
  • New hinged or removable cover for easy access to wiring when mounting on a bracket or in a control cabinet
  • Same installation footprint and mounting options as the previous generations AKM345
  • Single enclosure design eliminates the need for additional external accessories

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The AKM345 GEN3 can be used as an oil or winding temperature indicator on transmission, power, or distribution transformers. It can be specified with switches and remote outputs to support cooling and alarm control as well as transformer monitoring solutions.

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