About Qualitrol

Our vision at QUALITROL is to be the leading provider of essential technology that enables the delivery of uninterrupted power to create a safer, more productive world where no one has to live through a power outage again

Qualitrol’s purpose is to provide the world’s energy grid with monitoring equipment to ensure reliable power. Established in 1945, Qualitrol produces thousands of products on-demand and customized to meet our individual customers’ needs.  We are the largest and most trusted global leader for partial discharge monitoring, asset protection equipment, and information products across power generation, transmission, and distribution. We serve over 93 countries in 7 offices worldwide including Canada, China, India, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United States.  ​We  provide the hardware and software tools that allow our customers to “keep the lights on” around the globe.


Наша культура

Qualitrol, подразделение Fortive, использует систему Fortive Business System, которая является основой любой компании Fortive. Это стимулирует эффективность нашего бизнеса и служит связующим звеном, которое объединяет все наши операционные компании.

Для Fortive важны следующие ценности:

  • Мы создаем выдающиеся команды для выдающихся результатов
  • Успех клиентов вдохновляет нас на инновации
  • Kaizen- это наш образ жизни
  • Мы выступаем от имени акционеров

Эти ценности определяют способ взаимодействия ассоциированных компаний друг с другом, с нашими клиентами и акционерами.

In our daily work, we are fact-based, data-driven associates focused on real results. Qualitrol’s work environment is fast-paced and challenging. We expect outstanding contributions from our associates to align with the high expectations of our customers, parent organization Fortive, and its shareholders.

Наши люди

Компания Qualitrol признает, что успех нашей компании напрямую связан с возможностями, целеустремленностью и вкладом всех наших сотрудников. Мы активно работаем со своими ассоциированными компаниями, что способствует расширению нашего бизнеса.

Our development programs encourage all of our associates to master the tools of the Fortive Business System while our talent management process ensures that associates are provided opportunities in which to learn, develop and grow with our company.

Qualitrol associates enjoy the autonomy, breadth of responsibility, and creativity that are part of a smaller, entrepreneurial environment. Our associates leveraging resources, best practices, and process improvement while enjoying development opportunities associated with a large, successful company.

Our associates are energetic, analytical, and focused on working together to make tangible contributions to our company.

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